Sunday, March 6, 2016

LEAF Pendants

I'll be attending LEAF, the 2nd Llano Earth Art Fest March 11-13 as a vendor. I'll be displaying my painted rocks, dot-painted paintings and henna-painted glass ware.

I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to make commemorative pendants to celebrate the festival, so I've been working on it. It's quite a process. First I hand-select each rock for size and smoothness, they have to be small and fairly flat, wearing a rock around your neck could get a little old if it's too heavy. Then the rocks are washed and dried outdoors for a day. Then the base coat is applied to one side, allowed to dry and the other side is done and allowed to dry. The design (I decided on a leaf, isn't that unique?) is applied using henna-painting technique. The other side gets a LEAF 2016 designation. When thoroughly dry, they'll receive a polycrylic coating on each side.

I've purchased silver-plated bails to mount them and will make black leather cord necklaces. Hopefully the festival will be well attended and people will want a keepsake!

I must admit, at least this evening I'm pretty sick of rocks.

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