Saturday, February 6, 2016

Starter Show

To show and perhaps sell my artwork, I bought a canopy with optional sides and signed on as a vendor at the Circle Your Wagons B&B's Annual Wine Tasting event. Don and I set up the canopy top late yesterday to save some setup time. It was a good thing we didn't set up sides, the famed Texas winds started up and blew all night. I had visions of my canopy lifting off and flying away, but since I was at home and 20 miles away, tried not to worry.

Thank goodness it was still up when I arrived today. I put on the sides and set up. The wind was still high and blew over the easels so I put 2 of the boards on the ground. Check out the lovely cases Don made for my painted rocks, glass-topped, easily transported and very attractive!

I feel very fortunate, I sold a painting and some rocks. Don came and helped me break down and our hosts, Phyllis and Jim Norfleet, sent us home with food!

Oh, and the beret? Because life's too short not to wear a red beret if you feel like it ;-)

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