Sunday, October 18, 2015

41 Years

There's a pretty interesting story to my current fascination with painting. When I was in high school I took Commercial Art, hoping to be a commercial artist someday. I learned a lot about the mechanics of creating art and can, to this day, usually figure out how to convert what I see in my head to a physical reality. What I thought I lacked was basically talent, because I couldn't reproduce a realistic image on a piece of paper or canvas, so I gave it up. I put it down for 41 years.

Recently my husband Don Crowder restored a ukulele for a friend of ours. In order to restore it he had to damage the top, so I offered to paint it. When I started painting I realized how much I loved it and that I needed to be doing this. So, here are some images of a slight (41 year) break and reminding everyone I know that we need to be doing what we love and having fun, else what is life about?



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